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Quin Q-Drive - Motion Controllers & Intelligent Servo -Controllers
Products: Hits: 785Quin Q-Drive - Motion Controllers & Intelligent Servo -Controllers 
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Updated: 2013-08-09 12:46

Quin Q-Drive


Many drives currently integrate some form of in-built intelligence to control motions. Most are restricted in use by limitations of their software tools and functions.In combining one of the most advanced DSP digital servo drives with the powerful Quin PTS control system, the Q-Drive provides a uniquely comprehensive solution in one package.As a complete system, operating on its own or networked together, the Q-Drive also offers all the flexibility required for a truly modular machine.



  • Complete servo drive and control in one
  • Master - Slave synchronisation
  • Cam Profile Mapping
  • Print Registration Control
  • Tension Control
  • Programmable Operators Panel
  • Built-in analogue and digital I/O
  • Modbus, CANbus and SERVOnet options
  • Graphical set-up and diagnostics



Complete Applications in a Single Package

Cut to Length

One or two Q-Drive MAP units can run a motion profile synchronised to the product or machine cycle by following an incremental or adsolute master encoder.The optional built in Motion Generator can adjust the profile shape for different products selected by the operator.The Q-Drives can be synchronised togather via an encoder or network link.


Tension Control

A Q-Drive 1+1 can be used as a complete Tension Control system for finely controlling the tension in a web. With the Q-Drive, the motor does not just act as a brake but provides positive drive to the web for controlling down to very low tensions. Full digital position control also alows the tension to be adjusted very precisely.The tension can be measured either by a dancing arm or load-cell and connected to the tension to be adjusted very precisely.All tension parameters can be set from an operators panel if required, and the tension loop can be turned graphically using a PC.


Registration Control

The Q-Drive 1+1 can provide a complete register control system for any motor driven process that needs to be synchronised to a mark on a web or product. By just using the Q-Drive, motor and photo-cell, the Q-Drive will automatically make small corrections to the synchronised motion in order to stay in register with the mark.Product pitch can be entered via the Operator Panel or calculated automatically from the product pitch itself.The built-in software clutch allows products to be ignored if required on a product by product basis.


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