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AC Motor Frequency Inverters
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Brand: Teco
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Updated: 2013-08-09 12:33

Teco Speecon 7300SV Sensorless Vector Inverter

Multi-function control interface; high torque performance

Traditional drives have a fixed control block diagram that limits their functionality. With the 7300SV however, each control function block (an input, ramp, P.I.D. controller for example) can be freely connected to any other to exactly meet the demands of the specific application.



  • "Out-of-the-box" ready to go:
    Straight from the box the 7300SV is configured as a standard inverter and is ready to operate in simple speed control mode without the need for any programming or adjustments.
  • Pick a Macro:
    A number of the most common applications (raise/lower speed, run forward/run reverse, process PID control for example) are preprogrammed into the 7300SV, so all you have to do is select the appropriate one and the drive dose the rest.
  • Modify a Macro:
    You may find that a standard macro is very close to your requirements but a small control modification is needed - an extra output or trim input for example. All you need to do is interconnect the appropriate function blocks and you can tailor the macro to exactly match your application.
  • Create Your Own Control Strategy:
    Every function block (and there's over 100 of them) can be freely interconnected to any other so you can create any control strategy you like. Advanced function blocks such as mathematical computation and Boolean logic are included which can minimize, or completely alleviate, the need for a Programmable Logic Controller.



ConfigEd Lite Programming Package

Every function of the 7300SV can be accessed through the drives front mounted Man Machine Interface. But the easy to use graphical programming tool-ConfigEd Lite-can further simplify control configuration allowing you to harness the full power of the 7300SV simply and quickly.

Multi-functional Operator

  • Remote Panel
  • Customized operator menu
  • Quick set-up menu
  • Password protection
  • Key disable function
  • Saving and copying parameters
    between drives


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